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  • Single hall video output
  • Adjustable 17” USB touch screen monitor
  • Magnetic card for added security and quick logon
  • Quiet double acrylic ball chamber
  • Built in color camera
  • Optional RNG
  • Specifically designed to verify UniMax® and Capitol® bingo paper, including Dual Dab®, Dab-All-75® and Mini Dab-All-75®

emax express dimensions

Reliability and Compatibility

  • Performs with most flashboards
  • Improved flashboard interface output
  • Ball switches are sealed to protect against drink spills and airborne contaminants
  • Built-in UPS protecting all electronics and preventing crashes
  • Manual back-up mode in event of PC failure
  • Flashboard outputs are thermally protected with higher gain
  • Flashboard outputs protected from static electricity (ESD)
  • Able to scroll messages across the video output
  • Optional cover available

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive operation, offering touch screen, keyboard or mouse interactivity

Additional Media Capabilities

  • Use video for text messaging or advertising graphics – increase your games’ profits with built-in advertising during intermission and before/after sessions




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